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Compaq Presario 8000

In 2002, after moving from Saudi to Sweden, the demand for a new computer had grown so big we decided it was time to get one. The old MAC had now outlived its days of glory, it was stashed away, and a new one was bought. Not a new MAC. This time it was time for PC!

Thanks to an offer from the company my dad worked with he managed to get a very good deal at this time, a computer I hadn't truly recognized the true power of until recently, after a long and loyal run. At the beginning it could handle all new games, movies, programs... virtually everything! I used it heavily for scripting experiments, file collection and gaming, as did the rest of the family (well, for different tasks).

Eventually my sister moved away from home and with only two old parents as competition I became the main user of this system. The only thing that we have ever needed to change on this machine has been a network unit, otherwise it's been worked overtime each day for almost a full decade and still runs nicely, though the battery for the clock seems to have died and the system itself has slowed down a bit. If this is due to the increase in program performance over the years or the decrease in system performance is not for me to tell, but it does seem it is reaching the end of its era. It is thus momentarily taking a vacation while my new computer feeds the whole family, but have no doubt it will be back later on in one form or another, probably. I'm thinking about running a little LAN between this and the newer computer when space allows, since it would be nice being able to play all multiplayer games locally, not just those with split-screen support.

In terms of graphics and video, this computer was so far ahead of its time when we bought it that it actually STILL handles newer 3D games better than my new computer does! This even with the ridiculously low RAM and single processor it has to deal with (I've upgraded the RAM, though). The system specs are balanced; it's not just a gaming computer, or a work computer, or a music computer, it's an everything computer. :P Heh, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but really, it's a good computer!

Compaq Presario 8000

Life - 2002 > Current

RAM - 1 GB (Arrived with 512MB, Max 4GB)
Processor - Pentium 4 (3 GHz)
System - Windows XP (Home)
HD - 160GB (SATA)

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