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Naked (2017)

I really can't take Marlon Wayans seriously. This was a comedy, but it had its serious moments too, and I can't help wonder what it would've been like with someone else in the lead role. Overall Marlon does deliver though, and what a feelgood movie it was! Really. It's not bad at all.

The time-loop scenario should feel incredibly used by now, yet they keep devising new alternations to it! Good and bad. Fortunately this was one of the good ones.

It's a romantic comedy with a bit of action and plenty of awkward moments, though that whole 'Naked' thing feels overemphasized. Not that I feel there need be any more nudity than there was (especially when it's male nudity), but the movie was about so much more than that, and it's far from the most-used element in the big play. They could've as well called it The Elevator, or The Wedding, or better yet: something creative. Something that sums it up without focusing on sales and settling for a mediocre title that in no way tells you what the movie is really about.

The story is that of a guy who's about to wed his wife, but wakes up naked in an elevator the day of the wedding, and keeps getting sent back in time to that elevator each time the wedding bells toll, before he's able to fulfill his vows, or a whole lot of other things he realizes he needs to take care of before the grand event that he wasn't prepared for at all. It's divine intervention. A second chance. Though I'm happy they didn't somehow include God as a character, but left that part up to the viewer entirely.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the main character comes to terms with the magnitude of this event, and gets all kinds of other self-realizations along the way. Along with bouts of both comical and embarrassing misfortunes, of course.

Overall it was a good movie! An unusual, but appreciated spin-off to my usual action-antiques and rage. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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