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Naked Lies (1998)

Naked Lies (1998)

Here's a thriller/action movie about a female FBI agent who after accidentally killing a little kid during a routine bust is assigned to infiltrate a cartel, money-laundering and drug-smuggling operation.

Cara Landry's played by Shannon Tweed, is surrounded by a bunch of good-looking, unknown yet surprisingly decent male actor, one jealous female, and spends most of the movie either on a sundeck, in the casino, or in bed.

It's basically a softcore porn movie with a plot linking together a few intimate and well-filmed scenes, yet the occasional action's also surprisingly good. Things break when they shoot. People fall off rooftops. A car explodes. The shower scene's steamy. The office is dark and dusty. The sun is bright and the landscape beautiful. The scenes are atmospheric. The soundtrack's jazzy or synth-etically intense, depending on the mood. It looks good, the emotions come across, the actors do their part in a soap opera-like way, and it does get intense every once in a while.

Even if the stuntmen all seem to be old dudes who fall slowly and painfully, the fighting choreography's slow and lacking any decisive force, and the plot does more often seem like an excuse for certain other scenes than the main part of the movie... I enjoyed it. Not bad at all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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