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Naruto Went One Piece

In the new Naruto Shippuuden filler episode arc Naruto & Co are currently sailing from one island to the other. Along the way they meet all kinds of strange people, most of them villains. They stumble upon a ghost ship, an islands that looks like a battleship, a treasure cove of herbs, pirates, a flying ship, an island with giant animals on it... deja vu anyone?

Did the staff run completely dry on inspiration or is this all on purpose? An attempt at competing with One Piece? Or an experiment on how Naruto would function in the same scenario? Of course Naruto can't stretch his arms like Luffy can, but he does his best to prolong his punches when he does... punch. Since Luffy & Co went underwater maybe Naruto is taking over? I don't know what the fans think, but I for one look forward to the end of this arc.

The ocean is no place for ninjas.


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