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Neighbor (2009)

Neighbor (2009)

Here's a real splatter movie, with gore similar to that of Hostel, and a villain as daunting as she is damaging - a really crazy lady.

Though the movie starts amply: a new girl comes into town, and bad things start happening... it really just centers around the one guy, and girl, and time skips make for a somewhat strange telling of the story.

The gore's realistic, and creatively sadistic. The setting's uncomfortable. Christian Campbell plays the guy, America Olivo the girl, and together... they do a pretty good job at crafting a pretty unsettling horror story, with both unexpected, expected, and unexplainable twists.

Not sure it's a movie I'd recommend to anyone, but if this is what you go for then there you have it. There's plenty of shock value.

The one thing I'm missing is purpose, at least at the end, but the girl's as mysterious then as she is in the beginning, and her weakness still hasn't been used against her. For a moment you wonder if it's all in his mind, but then you realize there's much more to it than that. And yet: there's so much left untold! She moves on, to the next town, maybe, and to similar deeds... and I wonder if they planned a sequel.

 rated 3/5: not bad

July, 2019

Neighbor (2009)

Time for a closer look eh?

I remembered this as way more gruesome than it was.

Had to watch it again though, because... well, there's one particular scene I remember as way more graphic than it was.

What can I say? Sometimes the shock content does hold a certain allure. You want to get that extra adrenaline kick, be it from both perverse and/or uncomfortable means. Sometimes. This time though: I watched the censored version, the 'normal' version, if you may.

If you watch this movie, for any of the reasons you'd want to watch a movie such as this: don't. In unrated form it stands out. It digs deep. It makes you want to avert your eyes and yet you just can't keep looking. As this... it's just unnecessary. A little sexy, but mostly just unnecessary.

 rated 2/5: decent


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