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Neighbors (1981)

Neighbors (1981)

What happens when you're a middle-age man, and a strange couple moves in next door? The wife starts seducing you? The husband asks to borrow your car to go buy dinner - and then makes his own and acts like it's take-away? When you accidentally roll his car into a nearby swamp? Or lock him and his wife in the basement - before they lock you there instead?

Well, a lot of such things happen, yet in the end it's the neighbors who are made out to be the fun people. The you-only-live-once kind of people that this particular middle-age man is supposed to take after. So, at the end, when his wife jumps into a car with another man and rides off, he trashes his family portrait, burns up the house and jumps into his neighbor's car - and they ride off! Because suddenly they're best friends.

It was an un-understandable type of humor to me. Aggressive to the point where it's just not fun anymore. The main character's always made out to be the 'boring guy', no matter the situation, and though he acts his part I can't really laugh at the situations he's put in.

What's the point? Family values? Friendship? In the end does ANYTHING get sorted out? The mysterious power lines in back of the house... maybe they have something to do with it. It was a weird and well-made, but mostly just weird movie. Not my cup of coffee, even if Ramona added in some much-needed empathy (and good looks).

Though the day after I watched this... it's growing on me. I might have to see it again sometime. Maybe I'm just too far gone from the eighties to fully appreciate the entertaining character quirks and enactments of that time. It was a time before my time.

John Belushi, Kathryn Walker, Cathy Moriarty and Dan Aykroyd all put on a good act, and if you like crazy and uncomfortable, maybe this one's just the right movie for you.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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