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Net Neutrality & Obama

Obama's speaking up for net neutrality! I wouldn't put my faith in a political speech, but if this reaches further than the brain stage I'm all for it. Hoping this'll spur a change, cause lately the freedom of the net hasn't been looking too bright...


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  1. S3C
    Friday Nov/14/2014

    no but on the real though Obama has usually been on point with social issues (and that's about it- not enough to run a country). Hopefully the FCC doesn't have a lot of republicans, who will fight against net neutrality purely out of spite not the issue at hand like this Key & Peele skit:

  2. Cyber
    Friday Nov/14/2014

    lmao, memes for everything!

    Mmm, from what I've heard it seems he's been trying to make good changes, but the system's working against him. Though I am an outsider after all, so my impressions are built solely upon rare newspaper snippets and the random tidibts of info (like above) I stumble upon online. is 'unavailable in my location'. :/

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