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Never Back Down 2 - The Beatdown (2011)

Never Back Down 2 - The Beatdown (2011)

Michael Jai White! Both directed by and in a large role representing. Anything with that guy's great, though compared to the first... for a while I was thinking it'd pretty much just be the same thing again but with an updated cast.

It proved me wrong. They took the fights to the next level here. It's sped up a bit noticeably sometimes, but the choreography overall is off the charts, with pop punk rock music blasting while they bash each other down.

The cast btw: Dean Geyer, Alex Meraz, Todd Duffee and Scottie Epstein make up the most of them, and one of them is actually a real MMA fighter in this one! Guess who? The guy who only ever (so far) starred in just this one movie. Evan Peters from the last one is back too, and Jillian Murray is the main girl now. I miss some of the old cast though.

It's an uplifting fight movie just like the last, with a bit more serious tone, and they're out of school this time too. Whole new world. Wonder where they'll bring it after this.

With a little less messy character introductions, cliche beginnings and reusing the Beatdown title I'd probably go high five here. But it's a heavy, solid:

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

...turns out I'd already seen and reviewed the final bit of the trilogy, but I'll give it another shot was well and give it a new write-up here.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Dec/21/2018

    this movie looks dumb as hell and not even Michael Jai White can save it...should probably just turn it into a low budget Steven Segal movie. Those always are good for their worth.

  2. Cyber
    Friday Dec/21/2018

    Did you appreciate the old Rocky movies though? Creed? Undisputed? If so you might want to give this one a chance. ;) Has that same kind of makes-you-want-to-start-working-out energy to it, training regime and all. No Steven Seagal-likeliness!

    Third one though, now that one's a bit... not so good.

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