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Never Back Down 4 - Revolt (2021)

Never Back Down 4 - Revolt (2021)

They got in a real fighter this time! Michael Bisping. And some female MMA fighters. Though as for the rest of the movie... the franchise just ain't what it used to be. Maybe they managed this with covid restrictions though, and if so props, but the cast feels a bit sparse regardless.

It's about a girl and her fighter brother who's a bit of a pitiful such, and she gets suckered into fighting for him, to settle - as is cliché in these movies - some debt, but things unfortunately don't go how they should go, and then he steps in and helps her but doesn't really save the day anyway cause she's got it all covered.

It's not a bad fight movie - and the bathtub battle in particular was brutal, but for the most part it just doesn't pack the same punch as the previous.
I'm not saying it's the girls, but something's definitely different.

Hope to see Bisping in more movies though, as a villain or otherwise, feels like whatever he plays you can just tell straight away that he's authentic. The girls too, why not. Just maybe not like this.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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