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Never Leave Alive (2017)

Never Leave Alive (2017)

AKA The Most Dangerous Game or 3 Hours Until Dead or Dangerous Games. How many titles does the same movie need?!

A hunter becomes the hunted. Rick Rainsford - tough but drunk tough guy, and an unwilling female companion survive a shipwreck and end up on an island, where they are rescued but soon made a part of an unwilling manhunt by an eccentric Russian: Zarrof. (Hey there was a guy with that name in the old Skyscraper movie too!)

This movie could've been alright. They got the sceneries right. The angles. The script's OK too. What's not OK is the acting (for most guys - John Hennigan included), the filler, the surplus of talks, childish bonding rituals and disappointing lack of action (in a dual sense), steady shaky cam and that low-budget feel of it all. Most of all though: the special effects.

Michelle Taylor's maybe the only redeeming point in the movie. The villains, played by Joseph Gatt and Eric Etebari, aren't all they're cracked up to be, and there's really not much else there. Maybe if they'd skipped that island bit this would've been alright. It has it's moments, but not many.

 rated 2/5: decent


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