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New Bike

I'm standing on a train with my bike
Handbrake in my left hand phone in my right
Got my backpack packed like I'm ready to hike
Packed bag in the basket and I'm all right
Standing firm in curves like I'm prepping for flight
Feeling uptight just slight out of place
But I'm with my bike and my bike is amaz(ing)
Sweat dripping on my brow like I just won a race
Like I was in a race and I was - I was crazy hasty
Went off work five twenty and on the train way late
I arrived at the bike shop in a trail I blazed
Cause on the bus stop twas not a bus in acres
Ran from the station and I made the gates
Just before they closed and I got my...

Hey! Time to go star in on a new safari with my Monark Karin!
Go far in to the marks on Norrland till the tires scar and the seat is hardened
Hey! Time to shake these bars and escape the car part garage for a large weekend
And just darken the car compartments when I glide by on the car parking stark mad and raving
Clad in rags but new paths I'm paving when I let go of these brakes and fly away
On higher ways, like fire escapes! I just got a new bike and the day's been great


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