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New Course & Stuff

A new course started for me today, one about IT and it's both negative and positive effects on society. For this specific course I bought a book, Introduction to information systems : enabling and transforming business (2010) by Rainer, R. Kelly & Turban, Efraim. I went to the bookshop (online) I usually buy books from and looked it up, and it turned out to be the probably most expensive book I've ever bought, with a price tag boasting the shocking amount of 488KR!

I went to Amazon instead and found the same book for 67 SEK. What a difference, huh? Thank god (or whomever I/you believe in) there's international trade going on... and that the dollar isn't particularly expensive at the moment. That price includes shipping btw, something my 'normal' bookshop tends to provide for free, but anyway, I was going to post about how I bought the book at a fraction of the originally shocking high price, and all ended well, but this is the real world so there are no happy endings. Turns out Amazon didn't allow international shipping on the particular item I wanted, and after a thorough search it turned out that my regular bookshop was the cheapest available store after all. I felt cheated. Just hope I get the book before the first assignment deadline... on Sunday... but that'll be another story.

In another story, I've been programming.

So far I've thrown together a bunch of simple programs that do simple tasks like add together the sum of two numbers or calculate your age in months and days when you enter your age in years. C++ seems like a fun language so far, and I'm actually getting pretty hyped up about my studies for a change. Been typing a lot, too, practice. Been ordering a Nintendo DS and a bunch of games for it, too. Yeah I know I'm about 5 years behind schedule, I was waiting for the price to fall down. It did, so now I am (or will be in a couple of days when my order arrives) the proud owner of the almost latest Nintendo portable gaming system and a bunch of hopefully equally entertaining games. That's all for now. Later.


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