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New Userbars!

Whats a site without them? So, I made two couples for both CyberDyze and CyberDoze in 3 different colors with and without images included. Here you go! use them on forums and in emails as you please. I'm planning on adding a userbar section to the site too - a small directory with images and codes to link to them, later.


Cyberdozer 2


Cyberdyzer 2


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  1. n3s
    Thursday Oct/26/2006


  2. Cyberdevil
    Monday Nov/6/2006

    Glad you like them - hope you use them.

  3. n3s
    Monday Nov/6/2006

    Sure, I'll add the image in my sig at newgrounds and retrogade . . . not that I ever post anything, but still.

  4. Cyberdevil
    Monday Nov/6/2006


  5. Dave
    Sunday Nov/19/2006

    cool . . .

  6. Joe
    Monday Nov/20/2006

    How do you make those?

  7. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Nov/22/2006

    With macromedia MX. Simple as can get.

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