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News Attack (1989)

News Attack (1989)

When I see 1989 after the title of a movie I'm automatically intrigued. Since I've seen all the good movies from 1989 already (or so I think) I see these additional titles with low expectations, with the hope that who knows - maybe fate might throw a gem at me this time around, and this time... well this time was like most times lately, it wasn't bad, but not spectacular either.

The movie is the story of a group of reporters: of a woman, of an (evil) businessman and a sinister scheme these rowdy reporters eventually uncover. Contrary to what you may think, they don't spend the entire movie running away from the bad guys, but there is one pretty intense final chase where I am in awe over how good shape these guys are apparently in. I don't think Hollywood actors ever run this fast, like they're really being chased by hounds from hell, running from their life, just running, running, running - one of them runs on a roof too, and it doesn't look like there are any wires or safety nets... that's the one stunt of the movie.

In the end it's a bit of a sad story, but it as a good watch. I hope reporters still live by the motto the reporters in this movie did: not anything for a story, but rather: say the truth, and do good; tell what needs to be told. The characters bond and all of that, and it's very Asian in how it builds up a sentiment for the characters before (potential spoiler) something happens to them. In terms of filmography it's very natural. Not that much happens, there are no explosions or stuff like that, nothing fancy, but it manages to keep the tension all the same. I'm actually surprised. I don't think I skimmed at all, and this in one of those particularly stressful phases of life in which skimming movies almost comes natural to me. So, it might've been better than I'm giving it credit for! That's the news.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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