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Night At The Museum 3 - Secret Of The Tomb (2014)

Night At The Museum 3 - Secret Of The Tomb (2014)

What a magical movie! I thought I'd seen both prequels, but apparently I've been confusing this with the The Librarian trilogy (which is good, but not like this). The prequels are definitely on my watchlist now.

The premises (for I assume all Night At The Museum movies), is that there is a magical tablet that makes all creatures in the museum (statues, skeletons, waxmen - the entire dealeo) come to life at night. Plot twist: the tablet's starting to rust, its power is beginning to fade, and the re-animated creatures of the night (all of which the Night Guard is a good friend with) start losing control over their bodies, and if something isn't done... they are all doomed!!

Via ways of logic and research, this brings them to England, and another museum, with a new batch of interesting and formerly inanimate people/creatures/objects to bring to life. Time's ticking, but... will they make it? Or will the Knight darken their future hope and all magic in the world size to be?? Watch the movie! It was a good watch, mostly family-friendly and somewhat cheesy (even more so with main actor being none other than Ben Stiller), but there's no arguing it was also very entertaining. Special effects are nicely done. Everyone seems alive, even those who (I assume) aren't. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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