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Night Teeth (2021)

Night Teeth (2021)

Boyle Heights... why not have that in the title? Such an awesome intro here. Such an awesome movie...

It's another bad-ass Netflix original, with Jack Black as a professor cameo...?!

That's but a bonus though, truly this is why I love this movie:





The Bosses


This too:









When you've watched it through watch the intro again - you might notice a few more things.

The visuals are a real treat, not just within the movie. And the storytelling's not bad either.

It's a vampire romance story, of a world where in one particular borough there is a truce, between Vampires and Humans, yet humans grow comfortable, and vampires rich and powerful, and one night one vampire decides to upset the balance...

I loved this. I love the chemistry between Benny and the vamps. I love the sights. I love the night.

I love the girls. Both the comforting and the crazy one.

I do however feel like the 'rich and powerful' aspect of it all might not have been highlighted enough. You'd think they'd have an army. And the battles are short, and not notably choreographed.

But I guess that's not the focus of the story isn't it? You just have to take Victor's word for it when he says he's killed them all.

I feel like more focus on battle would've made this all the more amazing. The girls aren't so fast when they fight, either. They look human. But little details those are. It feels good. It looks good. The script's good. The cast and all's a little limited, but there's no weak member, and when the night's over... it really was quite the ride.

Good names too. Both Blaire and Victor seem to have history; potentially pay homage outside the movie. Not sure about the rest, but the way they keep things easy: it's an easy movie to like.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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