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Ninja (2009)

Ninja (2009)

I think the title on this one pretty much embodies the movie! It's about a ninja. It features ninjas. It's chockful of action sequences; vengeance and tasteful temple-like (sometimes literal temple) scenery.

Scott Adkins plays the main role, and is in killer shape, though the grunts and acting... not so much. The setting's cliché but the action's great.

The blood's realistic too.

It's atmospheric and cinematic, and the train fight in particular felt gritty great. What a date.

The sequels get all the more flashy, but this one's solid.

If you like the type you'll probably enjoy this.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

This also feels nostalgic for some reason, like it's some older Dolph Lundgren movie. Ninjas in New York and all (that's not an actual title - it's the theme), wonder what that one was called... Showdown in Little Tokyo?

Good stuff.


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