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Ninja - Shadow Of A Tear (2013)

Ninja - Shadow of a Tear (2013)

Yet another great martial arts movie has appeared! And Scott Adkins is definitely an actor/martial artist to keep an eye out for, he's fast; he's powerful; he shows no mercy.

I remember the days when you could say the Americans shamed Asian traditions, especially that of the Ninja, with their cheap movies and flashy fist fights with men in black suits, but this is certainly nothing like it. Though the Ninja our hero fights against are all drug-dealers with little moral, with a few exceptions, he is (or was, before she was killed) married to a Japanese woman so it's not really the traditional Western > Eastern drama that Hollywood usually spews out. It's the traditional way of making it seem like it's not Western > Eastern whilst still keeping a Western hero as main figure, but he speaks Japanese so it's OK. Really not something I'm bothered by, it's just something I think of some times. As for the movie..

The fights are awesome. I was happy to see Tim-man appear to spar with the main character in one of the final scenes as well, the only martial artist I know from Sweden that's now making his way to an international audience.

In many ways this movie reminds of the Universal Soldier movie where Scott Adkins also starred as main character (from 2012), partially because his family gets killed in both, partially because it's a similar tale of vengeance with a twist at the end, but most of all because the fights are brutal. This guy really shows no mercy! I'm not sure I like his attitude, or find his acting very authentic, but as a whole this was a great watch, flawless as much in plot and dialog as in scenography and choreography and anything else. If you're into martial arts it's a must-see.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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