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No Pain In Vain - Steve-O's Documentary (2020)

No Pain In Vain - Steve-O's Documentary (2020)

This was a great documentary.

It's not an official one, but a wholesome one, detailing the life and times of Steve-O from birth, through Clown Collage, to Jackass and beyond, all the way up to current time.

Only key endeavor they don't seem to bring up is the 'Wild Ride!' podcast, though maybe that came just after this was done.

They recap all in a matter of forty minutes, make you feel for him when his mom does, make you a little spooked during the drug phase, and make you feel good when it's all done - cause at least right now his life's not bad at all. He made a name for himself, he found a girl; he seems to be in a good place in all areas. Happy, finally. Hopefully. With a view on mortality and legacy that's memorable enough to want to quote and make a motto. It's too true.

Good mix of footage, good pace, good build, great story.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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