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Noah (2014)

Noah (2014)

Powerful, powerful movie.

It's a pre/post-apocalyptic epic, telling a saga I'm sure you've already heard of before, now in modern form, starring the girl I'll maybe always recognize most as Hermione from Harry Potter (as long as she's young at least), with Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins no less! Ray Winstone's a good villain too, and Jennifer Connelly a good wife.

I immediately wonder if Russell is religious. I wonder if I would've rated this higher if I was. I then wonder if I'm not a bit too judgmental for wondering. With Russell in particular I feel like he'd be up for acting a memorable role no matter what, and this certainly is a memorable role, so why should I be judgmental if he isn't?

And it is a good movie, to say the least. Religious theme or no.

Actually maybe it is as good as it is for that particular reason.
It's old testament style savage, with albeit a little blurry also powerful special effects, a creative flare with the filming (I love the Big Bang bit in particular), and a welcome mix of more fantasy-like elements along for the ride, like the Golems - formerly beings of light.

I like how they tie all these elements together. How the Fantasy elements feel real somehow, and the religious seem all the more fantastic at the same time - be that a good or bad thing in regards to really having faith.

I didn't love the ending, though I feel I should have. It was powerful too.
I loved the rest, though I can't seem to give it top score for some reason, possibly a bias I just can't shake; possibly an ending that dragged on a bit/didn't feel as well-paced and wholesome as the rest of it, but it was great, and I didn't expect it.

It feels almost on par with other somewhat special case iconics like The Book of Eli (all the more for the religious theme there) or The Cell. Just a bit. Maybe for the style and creative approach. And power.

Actually scratch The Cell, it's not similar at all, it just came to mind.
Maybe this really reminds more of this. With a little Lord of The Rings, and a little random post-apocalyptic fantasy movie.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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