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Noah's Shark (2021)

Noah's Shark (2021)

It's another one of those crazy shark movies and one with a witty title no less!

Or so you'd think. I would've thought, at least. That's why I sought this out.

Turns out it was more so about a priest exorcising a wooden plank, and wandering into the mountains in search of a cursed ark built by Noah's fourth son together with an adept intent on making a documentary that shall maybe never see the light of day...

Crappy. Crap special effects. Crap acting. Crap everything. Even the grand speech before they head to the ark was hesitant and disappointing.

They had some good waves going on in the intro but the rest...?

There's barely even a shark in here at all.

 rated 1.5/5: almost decent


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