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Nomind #20 - Nightly Build 20

I've written so much... why do I write this up though?
It's not for dough, do I try too much though?
Try to go, everyday for months and months and months...
So now I've done tons! Where does that get me?

I'd better be better when I am ready!
I better be prepping for something like a brand new Chevy!
I better be stacking my money AND getting plenty!
So I can fund some great things not just talk so edgy.

I better articulate real so you comprehend me!
I better use my time wisely like it's never never-ending
Energy to spare every morning when I get up pent on getting bent in
Working till my shoulders slouch but I don't got no couch!!!

I'll never be stopping man!
I'll be dropping albums I've got a lot of plans!
And I won't let 'em gather dust now I'm a make some grands!
Yeah I'm a make something grand so I can feel like with my life

I made alright! Wouldn't that be nice?
All for tonight...


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