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Nomind #24 - The Catch Up Going On

Come on y'all... I got it going got it going on.
Caught up with everything today, what's with this zone I'm on?
Nomind recordings hundred words and all a lot of fun,
Never mind I got my work too, and almost got it done.

It's monotone sometimes but it's quite alright I'm.
Grinding out my days, and at night I write rhymes.
Record them for my site I'd sometimes like to resign,
But what's 'give up'? Doesn't seem like my style. That ain't my line!

My cocktail's long! I mean it's lemon and lime.
Keeps me energized. High pH balance and smiles.
Got coffee up here for miles, I sip it in shiny vials,
I'm living like I'm alright, no longer pinned in denial!

The only thing I've left for tonight is now my diary!
And a bunch of killreal beats bound to inspire me!
You best believe we got something cooking ahead.
Happy I got that Crooked verse too for that alleged legend not dead

I know I'm not on Lucas level but maybe Crook's nor at Wills,
So if he someday hears it well who knows he may be thrilled,
Or feel like it's shit, he's intimidating for real,
On such another level I would tremble if we ever shared the

Same automobile. Like an Uber. But it would be super.
Imagine collabing with the realest goats, I do dream too eh?
But doubt if I am really doing all that I could, or all as good,
And as I do my rhymes stall, knock on wood, I'll be huge.

( It was going so well too, well shoot... )


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