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Nomind #28 - That Way

Ain't life great! Man I'm on twenty eight.
Feel like I went in late but I've not spent my pace.
I get better and better the more the time draws close!
The final dose! When I will be like: I done played
With this prose when I could be all serious!
Like everything in life, straight up nefarious,
Shed all my fears and just, walk up the stairs and cuss,
Like I don't give a fuck, someday I'll live it up.

Live like I'm a true blood monarch.
I do what I promise but I promise too many dues!
When you choose tanuki to ride on instead of horse
Of course the course will be course should've been Yuki!
Do you seek? What I'm saying? I speak true freak?
Sometimes my tongue slips - sloop - it's too juicy.
If I was famous you could juke a few juicy scoops
Into this milkshake - the booze is loose.

But then I: Put the lid on again before it's open.
Fully open. Pandora's Box for real ain't joking!
If I let loose for real you won't ever choose to be here,
As true as my shoes are apparel.
You'd be like: Who is that freak of nature?
Well It's Cyberdevil y'all, sizzling in Jamaica!
Just had to escape into the forests where it is safe, uh,
Really shouldn't joke, yeah I know lives been at stake, ya...

You see what happens when I go all in?
At least I'm going though! Tired of stopping n stalling,
Slick Rick he still be ballin' so I guess it'd be okay,
If I do go ham and sprawl into the booty land like a
Hooligan in May? Who be this newbie who be cray
He be Cyberdevil he be heebie-jeebies, original, OG,
Like Jeezy, can't put him in a retreat. He be...

That way.


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