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Nomind #29 - Type Writer Twentynine

Twenty nine and I guess it's time!
To write a rhyme can't misstep this time.
I'm counting down, not many left now I'm,
On the final step now, I've gotta set my mind!

Should I keep going with embers even in December?
The coal still smoldering. Boulder still a rolling.
I feel pretty controlled and grim. But kinda shouldering.
A bit too many tasks so might be wise with a colder stove-ening.

Yeah... when this is done I'm in the clear.
I do deserve a rest. Out line the rest of the year.
No time to catch a breath though, I'll catch up with what is next yo,
Gotta still control my steps @Fro, don't rush but take it dead cold.

Smoldering notepad could use a bit of pre-cooling.
Unhealthy in here till year ends with this fuming.
And at risk of burning lyrics if I keep up and don't chill it.
I got the gift of game but a shame to just kill it. Gotta give some LIFE!

What up now nature? Just one final day and I will see you later; savor later.

Life's... alright.


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