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Nose Art Start (0:45)

Most people don't start with nose art like Mozart
Most people start with a portrait and four traits
Two eyes cold blue eyes and two lips it's true it's
The basics but hey kid you're talent don't waste it

Made a mistake when I was a little ninja boy
Climbing chairs I fell I used to scream with joy
I gleamed devoid of big dreams my toys
And food that was all I deemed deployed

I shoulda written songs shouldn't rhymed my time
I remember things I used to find sublime
Warm bath bubblebath what a mind I had
Shoulda written songs on a lined-up pad but

Most people don't start with work they just smirk
They just smile as a child and they think it won't hurt
When they grow do they know then the ocean is open
I'm hoping they'll know when they open their own pens


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