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Now It's Fall

Sudden leafs leave and remind me that time's flee. This weekend it will change, we'll all night sleep - finally. But we're never free in winter we stay holed in. Homely? Honing our crafts till spring comes knocking down our bones. Bleak and boney. The world is like a winter full of drones. We splinter our emo(tio)ns. Push them in and keep them till we're overthrown. By pain. By torment. By snow. By everything we thought we'd ever known.

I don't know why I stall. I don't know why I'll wake up again to more, tomorrow, living life on... time that I have borrowed. What's it for? I have so many visions still in store... but have I sold out? Are the visions rolling anymore? This is war. It's funny, I don't earn much money, maybe I keep it low intentionally just so something in me keeps me struggling. Keeps me breathing deeply deep inside, spilling out my rage cause I need to feel a vibe. I'm alive. Some days I live, some days I'd rather die, tormented by migraines of the mind, but I still haven't given up on flight, I'm sure some day I'll spill wings overnight. I've so much I still want to make right.

So much I want to change. So much I want to write so flip the page, and ink me up and I'll keep on all day. I'll keep on anyway, scribbling with my blood until it's drained, scribbling till time is up and I can't stay, but I will never fade, long after the Cyberdevil vanes, I'll keep haunting these hallways like a slave.

Don't we all. Know it's fall.


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