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Noxious 2 - Cold Case (2021)

Noxious 2 - Cold Case (2021)

Great longview shots. Crappy dialog. A two year case suddenly getting solved just like that? Didn't they follow leads before? Police dispatch doesn't sound right. The pregnant lady at the gym was nice though - there's a lot of character with the characters. It has flaws but feels fun.

Such a feelgood outro too, and I just realized what I'm missing with a lot of B-movies these days: living camera movement! This feels lively.

They have the unnaturally smooth panning drone footage and occasional still camera footage too, but also natural cam. Not excessively shaky cam, just natural. Like it used to be back when B-movies were like B-movies should be.

Interesting with the glimpses of a present-pandemic world too. Masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing and all. It's life as usual but right now. In a movie. First time I see it.

Good soundtrack, feelgood end, and a Windows XP throwback with the worst 'access denied' screen you've ever seen.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Also: Anti-vacc line whaaat!? Didn't expect to see that here either.


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