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October's Crazy

Did you know Mike Tyson has never had coffee? I'm learning a lot with these. Joe Rogen's the shit. Been listening to a bunch of his experiences lately, and each time it seems not only do the guests have something new to contribute, but he drops all kinds of personal wisdoms as well. How long has he lived?! Don't miss out on Elon Musk, Rob Zombie, Wiz Khalifa or the appreciably re-occurring Bill Burr ones in particular (I binge watched all Bill's Conan appearances before summer btw - can't get enough of him), they're all great, as are the ever so effervescent NG-related Grounds Patrol and Cricket casts. Finally caught up on those too.

Did I mention I was on one of those? Still feels a bit unreal.

I finally got that pre-summer acapella done too, just as I'm starting with my Inktober stuff, and the time is flying. So fast. I'm doodling too but that's not the priority this year; those will be up here later. Forklift course this weekend and quick Latvia trip coming up too, and work, there's work...

I've updated the contact form with a link to this service, since I just realized there's no good way to attach a file there if ever you feel a need to. But Mozilla's great, and I just discovered this service too. Yes that is my affiliate link, but I am seriously considering getting one of their lifetime plans myself. In the long run it'd be pretty handy, and I haven't seen anything like that offered since the legendary MegaUpload days (may they RIP... or be born again).

Maybe a new age of filehosting is dawning...

I have a ton of other events and updates I'd like to delve a bit deeper into here on the blog, but for now I'm just stopping by to say: October's crazy, I'll be away a few days, but I'm officially back, and this years Inktober project seems to be opening all kinds of doors. Surprise collaborations are lining up with some pretty cool people, just need to write some proper lines to match... tune in if you have a chance, and if this post happens to be the only somewhat real blog in October: I'll see y'all when all this Inktober business is sorted, and things maybe start calming down.

Also I'm playing a bunch of Pokemon Black.

It's good to be back.


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