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Off A Non

And be someone, huh!

I'm heading off again, final week of design work up East, be on again soon...


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  1. S3C
    Monday Jan/8/2024

    And back again?

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/9/2024

    Yupp, that too then!

  3. S3C
    Thursday Jan/25/2024

    Sure is quiet in these parts...

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/25/2024

    Though on the comment front maybe livelier than usual.

    Will be back to regular post frequency soon, a couple more weeks now and the gig is up!

  5. S3C
    Sunday Feb/4/2024

    You have to make up for all these missed January posts in July now. Thats all i have yo say!!

  6. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/4/2024

    If I get like a hundred posts in in March instead it should be alright right?!

  7. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/6/2024

    But now I know where a meme I'd never heard of before came from! Interesting, almost want to Google the actual episode and see if he actually does stop in the air or no... witty, albeit with a bottle throttle only fitting bigger city sitting! Setting building. Unsettling children. Freefall forever like following the circles on a leopard yessir. Better stresser. Or do they need a stretcher lesser...

  8. S3C
    Saturday Feb/10/2024

    Final 'week' Cyberdevil said...

  9. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/10/2024

    I did say that didn't I... final days now anyhow! Launch on Monday...

  10. S3C
    Saturday Feb/10/2024

    well there will be 4 times as many comments than blogposts for this year! that's just an indication of CyberD rampant popularity!

  11. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/11/2024

    Been starting to get some sponsorship offers too actually, one day this site might turn into a fulltime gig after all! And dem comment counters be currently kickin' fo shizzle thanks to this all! Communication all but bleak and abysmal! Future sets like lettered initials! Clear air like crystal! Mittened fists full of thickets of kitten-quickening thistle or picture puncturing pistols! Run this raft and risk all quick and wonder if the draft will stick! In the free air that seems rare... more o that in a bit I whistle.

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