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The past

1989. Internet was invented the very same year as I was born , and every day since I then found the internet I longed to create the perfect site, maybe this is fate? But I believe I have finally found the path … to Burger King . It’s a long way from where we live, our house isn’t really located in the middle of the city ya know?

Anyhow, I started Cyberdyze in March year 2004. Back then I called it The Cyberdevils Domain, since Cyberdevil was my alias on the internet and my site was my domain, where I let loose my creative creativity and wrote down my thoughts. At first it was all about me, I uploaded my flash animations and wrote everything I knew about myself and a lot more. Then I suddenly got the amazingly stupid idea to make a huge flash portal, just like (wich was a site i visisted very often at the time …. and still do. ) ! So I tried making a complete copy, and even stealing as much code from them as I could … since I couldn’t code myself. The portal didn’t turn out as i planned and wasn’t automatic at all. I went around the web looking for free scripts and replacing their copyrights and script names with my own. After a while I changed my mind about making it into a flash portal, and started making a music portal out of it instead. Uploading illegal music for download and stealing information on artists from other sites. I was changing the layout at least once a week and most of the time starting the whole site all over again when I decided to install a phpbb forum on the site. When I did that everything turned out a lot better, and at about this time I left for summer vacation.

Every summer I go away for 2 months to my nice peaceful summerplace in the north and sleep away the long days. Well, the summer went quicly as usual and when I came back some *^Å*"#¤ had hacked my forums and sent me a dussin emails telling me that he had done so … as if I couldn’t figure that out by myself. Since I hadn’t even thought about backing up the forums I installed them all over again. This time I learned how to mod my forums ( I called them BBS, short for Bulletin Board System, since Newgrounds did so too ), I installed hundreds of mods, all that I could find. Some of them I didn’t install correctly so they didn’t work, I deleted parts of the code so the forum didn’t screw up or if nothing happened I didn’t bother doing anything at all. So after a while my forums just gave up on me and let out a dreadful sigh as they plunged down oto their deathbed. I promised myself to back up my forums every month after this.

I installed the forums all over again! Now my site layout looked pretty good though, and I had learned the basics of HTML and how to include stuff using PHP, so I had headers and footers and a side menu on my site! Wich I was very proud of. I actually started adding some content and modding my forum more carefully and it started turning out really good! I had started watching tons of anime, so the new site was basically all about anime this time. I was even building up a huge anime database with over 1000 anime series (information taken from other sites, ofcourse), when suddenly I did something to the forum database and kapoof everything was erased. Well, it didn’t matter that much since I had backed up the database every month, right ??? Now that I mentioned it I realized I hadn’t backed up anything at all!

This put me into a deep depression and I didn’t work on my site that much ... to tell the truth I did start working like a maniac, but then I had too many things to do and I didn’t know where to start so I abandoned the project and sank down in a despairful age of grief. About a year had passed by since the last summer now and I had to leave for summer vacation again so I put up a temporary poem on the site and headed North.

When I came back I learned CSS and PHP and ASP and about SQL and JAVA and PUTCIIT and EVERYTHING you need to know ( wonder why I hadn’t done that before … hmmm ). I went out on a quest for a good simple CMS system, and after trying about 20 ( I seriously did try that many ), I found WordPress! One of the greatest blogging opensource scrips ever created. So I then added some stuff to the script and I built my own site engine with all the new knowledge I had aquired during these past months. I was back at the beggining again, but this time with a lot of website devloping experience and skills. Everything was going great.

The days went. The weeks went. My site loaded slower and slower and I eventually had to wait minutes to get into my control panel. I wasn't getting much help from my webhosts support either. It was clear that they were also overselling, and I had a much more expensive plan than I needed, since I needed a mySQL database (which the cheaper plan didn't have). Thus, I decided it was time to swap hosts. After thorough searching I found WHB (read more about them here). They had a plan twice as cheap, with all the features I could ever want and a free domain for life. So I signed up with them and, since the old webhost wouldn't let me transfer my domain name, I selected as the sites new one. Moving over the files was a nightmare, as the site has grown pretty big and I only had a 0.5 mbps internet connection at the time. I managed to move over all the files at last, set up the databases and shut down the old An end, and a new beginning.

The present

Always present, never left behind.
New things are constantly popping up in my mind.
Let us follow this path
Let us see what we find

There is treasure in the ground
... and it shines.

The future

We’re not there yet, lets see what happens!

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