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CyberDB is not just one of those other webhosts that get started on a whim and get ended just as quickly. We have been on the net for over five years and we have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Until 2007 we have worked with providing simple services and resources to our users, and now we have entered the world of webhosting! Our servers are fast and reliable. They are guarded 24/7 and connected with dual 2GB connections to three international carierrs. We guarantee you 99.9% uptime!


CyberDB provides both free hosting and paid hosting. Our free hosting has a few limitations, such as no SQL database and domain restrictions. For newcomers to the internet it is however an ideal service. There is an included file manager and site builder in both packages with which you can easily build your entire site from the ground up if you like, whether you know HTML or not. PHP is also supported. You can test the control panel here ( login using test/test ). The demo is highly restricted though, you won't be able to alter much, just take a look around and browse through the different features. With both plans you will recieve an FTP account ( accessed by your control panel ).

The link to your site will be However, for a tiny fee of $1 you can get yourself a subdomain ( ) and, if you like, you can buy your own .org, .net or .com domain name which will within hours be connected to your account!

If you have any further questions, or would like to open an account, contact me. For more information view the F.A.Q (below).

 Free  Paid ( $10 per Year )

- 100 MB Space
- 1 GB BW
- Control

- 1 GB Space
- 100 GB BW
- Control Panek
- 1 mySQL Database
- phpMyAdmin


- subDomain (

- Domain (.org, .net or .com)

- Extra Bandwidth
$1 per GB

* For as long as you stay hosted with us!


I did offer free hosting, once upon a time. Lasted about one year and gave me thirty clients.

I've offered free hosting in other forms as well, on two different domains. None of them lasted longer though, insufficiant resources.

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