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Big Note, updates after the start of 2007 are no longer recorded here.
Important Updates are displayed on the main page.



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December 2006


Will be on vacation the last few days of December, updates will be over after that.
See the BIG NOTE above ^


Merry Christmas! ^_^


During this month I am posting daily additions to the site on the main page together with the
countdown until Christmas, so theres no need to post the updates here. Just check the


November 2006


HUGE link update today.


Language Files - Iv'e been busy translating this week. Swedish translations are up for the latest versions of ludhost, phpbhd, imperialbb, easymailform and m8bcounter. Translations of wowBB, xenoBB and Phorum are in process.

UserBars - Coming Soon, tonight, hopefuly. A huge selection of userbars you can link to from forums and blogs.

phpBB Mods - new section, with my first phpbb mod written. Alphabetical is it's name, and it's function is to order forums alphabeticly. Very, very, simple. ^_^

Doom Sprites - Saved em from a site long gone. Can now be downloaded from the resources section ( all sections now availible on the "stuff" page ).

HTML Guide - I'm working on it, atm. It will be a guide of guides for learning html, and a useful code section. :P

Also, new style! Yipee! :D

So if you wondered why there havn't been any updates lately, the new site version is the explenation for this.


Videos and Anime sections removed. More info will be availible on the main page shortly.


Spellcheck. I found tons of mistakes, and they have been fixed.


Added a game of glasses to the site, by the same creator as of

Doukutsu Monogatari


September 2006


Wont be updated for a while. I kindah . . . lost interest . . . in site design right now . . .


Finaly! Oour Anime Wallpapers archive is full! It consists of exactly 999 nice anime wallpapers.
Time to start fixing the Anime Radio now . . .

Also, all the pages in the information / inspiration and entertainment sections have been updated.


Even more wallpaers being added . . .


More wallpaers being added . . .


More wallpaers being added . . .


More wallpaers being added . . .


More wallpaers being added . . .


Started filling up the wallpaper archives today. Hard work it is . . . wallpapers are taken from 4chan and animeyume. We claim no copyright over them and will remove them if we are requested to do so.


Entertainment section update.


Added games and videos.


Added some more games.


Added tons o games.


August 2006


I'm downloading games from tons of different sites now. Major gaming update soon.
Also, new Illusion pages under entertainment.
Link Page Updated, I've been going through all my bookmarks. :P


A lot of changes/updates today :

- New Site Intro. It's called "Deep CyberSpace"
- New Gallery! Simple and efficiant. You'll find it under "inspiration"
- A few hundred MB of anime music uploaded.
- Old videos with numberish titles have been renamed. Also about 30 new videos added.
- Some new stuff.
- Click Ads page remixed.
- And Finaly, updates on the library/gallery sections.


woo, it's been ages since the last update. Got back from vacation recently.
About 100 new games added today.


July 2006

Summer Vacation. No Site Updates will occur.


June 2006


I'll be leaving for vacation now. A couple of changes, nothing special.

The official launch of the new engine. YEAH!


May 2006

After the 12th I was working on the new engine non-stop. :P

Updated Flash Section.
Updated Music Section.
Heavy work on my new forums.
Site conversion from WordPress to my own CMS progressing.

Fixed hacking vulnerability.
Accidentaly deleted the Dome.
Started working on my own forums script.

I had the worst migrane in my life.

Fixed site after yet a hack attack.
Tried finding the source.

Added Dome Rank Images
Simplified Dome Layout
Major Dome Downloads addition
Major Dome Gallery addition
Updated Gallery section

Little downtime. Fixes.

Removed buggy welcome Message ( you can still view it at ), surprises will await sometimes.
Added Fresh Feed RSS Reader
Added new Affiliate
Anime Page Update
Added Better Page Navagation

Fixed site after hack attack
Added new intro
Optimized database
Changed some file permissions
Removed unused sections
Removed Public Portal due to vulnerabilities
Deleted some stats files and messed up the webalizer a little by accident

Minor layout changes.

Updated some pages.


April 2006

Most unactive month in ages. I had so much stuff going on . . .

Added Login and Account creation.
( not public yet )

Added more stuff.
Added Domain Checker.
Added new Happy Easter intro.

Added Adressbook hosting.

Added April Fools page.


Integrated all sections and Changed navigation.
Completed styles : Lite, Slighlystyled, Cyberstyle, Default.

Added New Intro and Intro navigation.
Added “Read Me!” to avoid legal trouble.
Finished updating all pages.


March 2006

Scripts page updated.
Documentation for all scripts added.
HitIt and Contact added.

Anti-Spam Plugins added.

Database has been optimized. I notice a significant change in speed!
New library category . . . riddles!
Added Simpsons Quotes page.
Added gravatars.

Added database optimization script, this will hopefuly make the site a lot faster.
Added about 50 more movies.
Updated the Service page, better layout now and not as much info to read if you don’t want to.
Upgraded the Domes phpBBxs.
Added Dome “Link Us” button.
Added downloads to the Dome download section.
Added Docs to the Dome knowledge base.

Updated links page.
Minor layout changes.
Updated Anime page.

Added more movies.
Added adressbook host.
Added more Doom stuff.
Small layout changes.

Added more movies.
Updated Movie pages.
Added 2 movie sections.
Added download option.
Added Doom Directory stuff.
Made some template changes.

Added category links in the footer. The size is based on how many posts there are in a specific category, the more the bigger. ^_^

Added more games.
Fixed the page bug.

Added more FLVs.

Added more movies/games.
Added more stuff.
Updated sitempap.
Added a couple of FLVs
Added a guestbook.
Minor layout changes.

Fixed Language Support bugs

Added more stuff.
Added a few reviews.
Added Swedish forum.
Some more work on Anime DB.
Added some more FLV’s.
Added Exlusive movie Section.
Finaly continued on portal work, almost done now!
Updated Galery section.
Updated Music Section.
Tons of pages translated to Swedish.

Added some stuff.

Updated Sitemap

Added Language Support

Added 2 great FLVs & updated anime page.

Added xxxHolic picture collection.

Added some more movies.


Febuary 2006

Added links, movies, pictures, texts.
Fixed menu bug.

Finished remaking all sections.

Added the rest of theme specific dividers. Also remade different sections and fixed all 3 themes.
Made some more images theme specific as well.

New logo. Menu fixed. Dividers added and also theme specific. Tons of pages updated.
Also new lolipop by Sam.

New layout Released! Lots of pages modified as well. ^_^

Bunch of small layout changed . . . bug fixes . . .

Added gallery archives.

Changed div layers on gallery page to tables, neater layout.

Little work on the new layout.

Nothing. I came home from school, played GTA San Andreas and now I am going to bed . . . I’ll try to get the layout cleaned up this weekend.

Started working on the new layout. Nice, Simple & Clean, that’s what it’s going to be . . . and the old layout will remain for you to switch with whenever you like! Will probably take at least 1 more week to finish so stay patient . . .

Added top and bottom bar to post meta/added dotted lines and less padding to comments.
Massive public album content addition.

6 More games added to the arcade.
New Site intro.
Fileshare script added.
Gallery updated.
Gallery archive created/galleries added.
Avatar download archives.
New80×80 px avatars.
Massive Public Gallery content addition.

Arcade is up! 6 great games to play with. Also updated music section/fixed bugs.

Getting the arcade ready for launch! Should be up by tommorow, previews for the first 5 games are up. One more preview and the arcade system for tommorrow . . .

Updated Gallery frontpage a little, also updated the quotations page.

No news, so I posted some random poetry on the frontpage. Update! Update! 1111!!!

100+ Pics in the public galleries!

Added some new stuff/divided into sections.

Links fixed on Moveclips page, text size changed.

Small Dome bug fixed.

Galleries divided/added. Archives will soon be created with 9 galleries per month, just like the flash section!


The IRC is up! Visit or to enter the chat.
It will soon be moved to a new server due to restrictions from our current hosting provider.

All the music submissions have been posted seperately ( over 300 submissions, took me a looong time ). I changed the timestamps, a little cheating, lol. It now shows that a new submission has been added every day since the start of October! Submissions will also be submitted automaticly all the way to summer vacation! You can now comment speratly on tracks and pages have been added for all collections. I have also added a 2006 section and fixed all the links. Also added a bunch of tool reviews

The music player has been updated. New version features better buffering, an improved layout and ability to skip through the track! Automatic download link below each submission will be added soon!

The Dome has been updated to v2, featuring tons of brand new features (Album resizing and special effects, ID view, quick linking bbcode, new post icons, download database, knowledge database, new smoother layout, new PM layout, new control panel, a new avatar gallery, better search function, new news icons, font color selection, various bbcode buttons, new emoticons, a bunch of mods added, mass emailer, topic watch, quicker navigation, board rules,shoutbox, news scroller . . . etcetera ). For all Swedish people I am also working on language files now, which will be submitted to the phpbbxs community later on.

With a new bugfixed edition of wordpress ( 2.0.1 ) out all the sections have been updated. All links have been fixed.

An integration menu has been added and the welcome message moved over to the main part ( so it only appears on the frontpage ). Also added some icons to the integration menu.

Added 2 new great sites ( 13GB and davesdaily ). Clicking them helps us get some more publicity, and they are great sites too, we would never bother you with unintresting advertising.

The Swedish library has been updated and link between En and SE has been added.

Stats page updated, layout renewed and webalizer added to view more detailed statistics.

Moveclips page updated, different sections added and a bunch of new movies too.

Stuff page added with some nice interesting stuff on it.

Anime page updated with guides on anime and manga as well as a bunch of new screenshots.

Comment backgrounds added, a few layout fixes.

Minor logo added, will make it a random logo soon with plenty different ones to display.

I also fixed a ton of spelling mistakes.

new poll added and old poll archives as well as shoutbox archives.

Last but not least! Infact the most important update of them all, over 200 lines of code has been deleted, so the site should be a lot faster now than it was before!


January 2006

Enter page updated. Automatic 60 second forwarding added, an enter link for those without flash and a random slogan for the archives.

Some bugfixes have been fixed on the main site and gallery section. Also fixed a big bug for mozilla firefox. I have also fixed tons of typos ( can’t someone else point them all out for me?! ). Also added movieclip icons.

Some movieclips and flash added. Also remade game DB and added download script, download counter and size info. Screenshots and descriptions will be up real soon!

Some layout additions ( comments box background for IE, comment tags, new gallery logo, gallery boxes ).

No IRC yet! ( why the smiley face though, lol. ) I will get it up really soon though! Patience …

Fixed movieclips, they now work! Also made page layout a bit neater.

A great updating day! I put up a huge schedule, and here is what I have achieved … category icons in gallery, also new index layout. Movie Clips page with 16 great movies ( the javascript isn’t working yet ). Added a “Send to Friend” script. Posted Library items from Jun 20 - Aug 20 this summer in advance, the time when I won’t be here. Added games, flash, gallery itme. Fixed tons of spelling mistakes on help/about pages. Added a few pages about adds & donating & help. Also updated anime ep icons. And thats all …

Parse errors on archive fixed. Somebody has to notify me of these things or I won’t find them myself, lol …

Shortcuts trouble! Writing D or P or ! in a sentence will redirect you to another page. Since CTRL + P is taken already, as well as many other combinations, and I do not want to complicate things, shortcuts have been disabled !!!

However, if you would still like to try them out, you can do so,right here on the /misc/stg.html" target="_blank">shortcut testing ground.

Shortcut keys will be up tommorow on Monday. No need to click the Dome button in the navigation bar, just press d! Note! I said tommorow.

I’ll be away for 2 days. Time to see if my automatic library content addition manager works! lol, more like, content posted with a set date in the near future …

Help Panel added, just press F1 and it will pop up at the top of the screen, handy. There is no help in it yet though, lol, but it might be of use later on … IRC will be added next week too.

Added icons to the Library Print, Send Message. Also added my first own WP_Plugin, don’t know if it can be called a plugin though, more like a hack. I call it quicklink, pops up a little window with the article link and other useful info ( only the link so far, info will be added later on ).

Tons of bugfixes! Added Flash Previews. Remade Gallery layout and added Gallery Previews. Small changes to the main layout, also added a style switcher and a new theme called Gold (beta, lots of bugs in it). Added some gallery pages & some more library pages.

Music Section Update. Added Game page. Added Anime section and small free resource section. Portfolio added. Also big Library content addition. As well as almost all old pages updated and a few new plugins integrated, wich you wont notice, but will have a big effect on how things work!

Fixed Library “Print” and “Send”. Added links & another massive library content addition.

Massive Library content Addition. Also added password protection to “adult” material. Just type in 18 to view, I’ll put up a page about it later as well …

Added new library categories.

Layout Changes/additions. Fixed missing flash, added most viewed flash. Added Print & Send to friend ( not fully working yet though ).


December 2005

Added poll archives, new poll, small layout changes.

Heavy work on the new gallery, music, scripts and link system. :)

Added “Bookmark Site” and new gallery system ( only 3 galleries changed so far).

Studying for a Math test and finishing unfinished assignments before the upcoming Christmas holiday, no time. O_O

Some small layout changes and bug fixes. Also added search in main search and minor menu to library.

Anime EP Menu added. The newest episodes of a bunch of great Anime series worth watching. Wich currently are Bleach, Naruto & One Piece. An Anime section will be added to the site sometime in the future as well. Blog Post Images added. Also attachments support. Site Updates Section Added.

Nothing special, just lots of content and a big bunch of layout changes! Also added search and a search meter (stats) to my nice admin panel. ^_^

Logo has been modified a little. Doesn’t it look liek totally awesome now?!

Stats added. Now you can all see how big the site is getting!


November 2005

No updated for over 10 days! Actualy not true though, I have been working my ass off during these 11 days and a big ammount of plugins and content have been added. I also modified the theme a bit and added new logos to all the different sections, looks really nice now!

Pages have been added and pages have been modifies. I have also deleted many old pages and fixed things up a big. Everything is neat now.

Menus have been added for all sections! This has been missing for a long time so it will be a lot easier to navigate now! The transfering is as good as done now. Pages with stats have also been added.

A lot of work with transfering all the content to the new sections. Also a massive content addition today!

All page sections ( the gallery, the library, music and flash ) have been replaced by seperate wp systems. This will allow each section to have a different layout and different authors/contributors.

The Dome is up! The New Cyberdyze forums.

A new logo has been created! This one is something out of this world . . .

A lot of things going on, nothing up yet though. Have a great new month!


October 2005

It’s halloween! Time for the planned awakening! Lots of stuff added, as well as a bunch of halloween content.

A big bunch of pugins added, also modified the logo again! Lots of things are going on atm …

New logo.

Lots of pictures and literature added!

Tons of new pages and content availible!

Old Blogging system removed. I found something a thousand times better. It’s name is WordPress . You can read all about it on their site. All old blog posts have been transfered!

CyberSearch added! A complete site and internest search. Not as good as google, but still very nice …

Start page created. Also added a simple blog/news page.

I found! And I also found a bunch of great looking content managing systems, so now It’s time to try them all out …

I am currently searching for a good cms to base the site on. PHPBB was the first alternative, but since I have seen so many better sites driven by other scripts I’m looking for a better one!

New temporary site page added with more info on the opening.

Started working on site again! Havn’t known where to start or what to do for the past months and I haven’t been inspired, but now it’s time to revive this dead site. And make something good and longlasting this time! Not some crappy contentless page with tons of bugs, no support for other explorers than the useless IE and an everchanging layout and site slogan. This time it will be good.


BIG NOTE! Updates written up to the date Dec 17 2005 were not written on their actual dates, they are filled in afterwards to fill out the big gap since the Awakening. They are not exact and stuff that I don’t remember when I did it are not mentioned at all.

This is where the updates section starts. ^

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