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OMG (2012)

In a distant country, a stranger and shop owner (also coincidentially the main character in this movie) insults god, and god initiates an Earthquake that doesn't injure or harm anyone or any thing... apart from his shop.

In debt, and with no insurance provided, as an Earthquake classes as an 'act of god' (in other words: an act not done by a human) he decides to sue God for damages. Unfortunately, no lawyers are willing to go up against the One And Only, but according to the law if lawyers are unwilling to take up a case, then the victim can defend himself. So, he goes to court, against God, or in this case against the salesmen of God - the people who collect tribute and 'sell' their temple services in his name. And that's where it starts to get interesting! He's not just going against God, but he's going against anyone who believes in god, and eventually against those who use God's name to their benefit specially.

It's not just fun, not just crazy action (in fact there's very little action), and our main character isn't really a bad guy, even if he is an Atheist (they say that like it's a bad thing - at first). It's a movie that eventually brings forth a message - a questioning of the commercial aspects of religion. Religion is for sale. Religion is used as a threat. Religion is used as an excuse. The main character has answers for everything, but I'd rather not bring his prophetical preachings into the review. Let me just say that it's more of a revelation than a religious experience - it's a roundabout of ideas and truths - that make us look at the cornerstones of society and re-evaluate them. So, comedy, but also a movie with a message, with depth and profound entertainment. I was surprised, really, positively surprised. Even if the end left a bit to be desired.

Oh, and did I mentioned that God actually appears? In the form of Akshay Kumar. The idea is genius, the script is clever - equally comedic and philosophical, and even in the courtroom there's always something going on. Along with clever reasoning and religious questioning (though it's all very subtly angled) it builds up a both inspiring and entertaining slice of life; fiction or fruition depending on what you believe. The main character starts out an Atheist, a very clever one at that, unbiased and just... though maybe a little cheap. But do you know what it ended with? Faith. I don't mind though, it was great.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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