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On Headaches, And Jocko, And Jack...

I got one of those migraine-like headaches again, ugh...

I hate feeling like this. Though I've been listening to a lot of Jocko podcasts recently (I'm listening to one right now, actually, just momentarily pausing it to write this) so I'm going like a machine anyway. Just in a little more calm and collected a way, as to not unnecessarily aggravate my thumping head and just a moment ago brewing sense of nausea.

The more I get done today though the less I have to do tomorrow, and the more peace of mind I can have then the more probable I'll feel better then, and do good things, or feel good about whatever things I do.

Discipline does equal freedom.

Whether you see that as implying it's good to be a sheep and not scrutinize the world so much (ignorance is bliss - the less you know the better life seems) or more so as the fascinating concept of how if you commit yourself to routine, and to focus, and to will yourself to do what needs doing, then you can truly do anything.

The world is your shrimp, as I say.

The common saying being about oysters makes sense in regard to that pearl an oyster sometimes harbors, but I like shrimp better, and if I have a shrimp it's guaranteed there is a shrimp, whereas an oyster is no guarantee of a pearl, so I do believe my just-now-invented simile shines somewhat brighter than the old one.

It is pretty amazing how an oyster creates treasure out of dirt, though.
The collective pollution of humankind filtered through the fleshy essence of a shielded organism; transformed into something so perfect and pure.

Also, randomly, recently obtained tidbit of useful know-how: If your vanilla bean has white spots, and you store it cold, it might not be mold.

The vanilla bean fat can seep through the surface of the bean and manifest in a similar way if you for example refrigerate it. If you leave the vanilla bean by a heat source for fifteen minutes and the spots disappear you'll know they were just fat after all, and it's still perfectly fresh and edible.

So make some sauce. That's all y'all. I'm about to watch a movie and try to calm down, breath deeply and let this headache maybe finally wane away... and if so go about the rest of the day in a way better way.

Go get it.


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