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On The Pendel

I'm stuck at Stockholm City again.

No delay today. We're just waiting. Maybe we're early. Maybe there is a little delay after all...

I'm writing because I'm feeling like this trip was pretty useless, just like the last one. Commuting uses? Find new excuses.

I see some people working on the train. Laptops topping their laps. I overhear frivolous conversations about business deals, meetings, new cars - perks of the job. Some sound stressed out. Some unexpectedly chill. Some have trouble finding the right words. Some resort to common slang and repetition, like. Yet some are imperviously fluent; superfluous in the art of conversation. They bring up names and amounts as if they had photographic memory too. Maybe they do. I wonder how they do it.

I could read, or play a game, or do something that seems to serve some semblance of a purpose - I tried all of the above earlier, but lately I'm tired so I just close my eyes instead. Or look through windows and nearby posters. Hone my sight.... way too little.

I've lost sight of how to best use this spare time on the train somehow. Maybe because it became a routine. I just space out instead.

Did you know: 95% of the things we do each day are the same each day? Routines. And don't blame the pay. You scream: for greater gains. Your means: just rain away. You've seen: this great decay. Clouds... lifeless and gray. All fibers in me scream... for ice cream, but I won't sway. Away, grim thoughts, away! Gotta keep the streams at bay.

I'm sitting on the Pendel today.


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