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One (2001)

There's not one universe, there are many. A multiverse, 125 different universes, all linked together. There is not one entity, there are many. There are 124 entities, all linked together. IOW, there are 124 more people who look like you, living parallel lives in different universes. The universes do differ though. In one world you might be a cop, in another a robber, and that's exactly the situation with the main character in this movie. In one universe, a squad has been built to keep law and order between these parallel verses. One of the people in this unit, Yulaw, once had to confront himself in a different universe, and ended up killing him. The energy from the victim flowed into him, and the other parallel versions of him, and he became addicted. He kept going, killing off more and more of his parallelities, becoming stronger and stronger. This is the story of his encounter with the very last parallel 'him'. Things aren't as easy this time as they've been earlier. This time, his opponent fights back, and two time agents join in to further complicate things. It's a simple, yet unique plot, with a heavy metal soundtrack that really suits it.

At the end when the two Jet Li's (whatever their movie names) are having their final showdown and Papa Roaches tune pops into the background, with him singing "is it our nature to kill ourselves, is it our nature to destroy ourselves, is it our nature to kill each other..." the song gets a whole new meaning, heh. The actors are good, specially Jet Li, who plays both main characters, as well as one of the previous victims at the start of the movie. Wonder how long it took to film everything.

The special effects are a bit crappy at times. The movie isn't that old, so I think they could have done a better job when it comes to that. If you look closely you'll notice a few mistakes they make, and some situations are just too unreal, like when Yulaw lifts up two motorbikes, one in each hand, and squeezes a cop. His superpowers seem a bit unreliable as he sometimes does crazy things and at other times seems unable to... but other than that this is a truly good movie. The fighting scenes are great, obviously, with Jet Li in them. x2. Jason Statham plays a semi-major role as well. Any movie with him in it is a good movie... so far. If you like action like I do you'll love this movie, despite the digital flaws. Recommended.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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