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One Direction - This Is Us (2013)

One Direction - This Is Us (2013)

I've never been much for boy bands. The Beatles were OK, but modern boy bands... nah, not my style. Too oriented towards the opposite gender maybe (just watch the crowds!), so... watching a movie like this isn't the norm! I try to keep an open mind. :P

Their music isn't so bad, though it's definately not something I'd appreciate listening to in the long run. It's catchy, feelgood, not with the emotional depth that seems to charecterise my favorites, but there's no denying the group really is a collection of musical characters. They seem like a fun bunch too, as the one band member says, they try not to take things too seriously; go day by day. Mixed in with concert footage and interviews with both members of the band and everyone they work with are the occasional streaks of mischievery and randomness. Nuts. :?

Two dudes really look like the two from Sum 41 too. I've never listened to the group before this, and I won't start now, but it was a fun watch. In the end, it was a bit of a spirit lifter, an inlook on a bright side of life, on a group of people who really made it and seem to enjoy the life they live. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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