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I signed up for three accounts at a couple of weeks ago, a webhosting service that I have read nothing but good reviews about. Even one of my webdesign clients has their account there and my brother does as well. When I was uploading files to their websites I couldn't help but notice how incredibly fast their servers are compared to the other ones I have tried myself. On my first webhost,, both uploads and downloads went at less than 50kbps, and the pages took ages to load. Sure, we did have a lower Internet connection back then, but it wasn't that low. When we moved over to cyberdb I was happy about the new upload and download speeds, which were twice as good as they had been before. I have hosted my websites on a dussin free webhosts as well, and some of them have been pretty fast, but none of them as fast as Files went up and down within seconds, between 400kbps and 600kbps. So with this in mind I signed up for three accounts at one at once.

What I DIDNT know was that only one SQL DB was allowed and that they didn't allow mod rewrite and that their support sucks. I tried chatting with one of their representatives to find out why the mod rewrite didn't work and he didn't even know what mod rewrite was. So then I learned that their staff, at least a part of it, is pretty incompetent with webrelated issues. At least they have a 15 money back guarantee, which is good, because it came in handy . . . but maybe not that good considering that other places offer twice as long time to evaluate their services before the point of no return. Ones unlimited bandwidth would be mighty useful too if it wasn't for the small amounts of space they offer. I'll compare WHB, the webhost that this site is hosted on. WHB - 300GB Space. One - 1GB. WHB - Free domain name for life. One - Over $10 per year. WHB - No setup fee. One - About $10. WHB - $4 per month. One - $2. The price is twice as high, yes, but the features are soooo much higher on WHB than they are at one. Plus, WHB has good support, competent staff, and they listen to their users.

So I backed up my DB, files, and asked them to take down my site and give me my domains back. It's been almost 5 days now. Occasionally they'll send an email saying that they're working on it or that they're forwarding it to a different section. I noticed my sites have finally been taken down, and now I'm just waiting for my money and domains. They said the money would take a week. They gave me my domains, but didn't bother help transfer them to my other account lik I nicely asked them to.

I'll miss the speed though. The speed was the one thing that made One stand out from the rest, but otherwise I very much unreccomend this host. For less professional webdevelopers their services are flawless. For those who don't use more than one my SQL database and for those who don't need to change PHP settings, but if any of you advanced users are considering setting up an account here, I strongly recommend you head over to another host. Webhostingbuzz, in contrast to One, has unlimited SQL databases, FTP accounts, addon domains, heaps of space, and hey! They even give you a free dedicated IP if you get an SSL certificate. I did, and it's working wonders ( try adding an "s" after the http. I can host my domains with the cheapest provider and link together the DNS servers and my domain dynamically. So heres an addition of yet one sucky host I've signed up with and quickly regretted. Learn by my mistakes people, I know I never will.


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