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One Piece 108

Yuba is being tormented by sandstorms. The old man is having a hard time, but let us skip to the Strawhats and their particular dilemma. They are as we all know in the VIP room, a cage made of sea-stone that they just can't get out of, and when things can't be getting much worse...

The Key Is Lost

The key is lost! Crocodile just drops it through a grate.


Beneath the grate these big beasts called 'Banawanari' swim through the water.

Furthermore, the water is on the rise, and the Banawanari will eventually get into the room and finish off the Strawhats... and Vivi, who appears out of nowhere as soon as Crocodile has left the building to help out. Things are looking a bit desperate for Vivi, when suddenly...

Sanji The Savior!

Sanji appears to save the day! Can he? Sail on!


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