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One Piece 112

Episode 112 with a short review for you it's true.

The Strawhats (Luffy still excluded) appear all disguised as Vivi, riding on ducks, apparently the fastest birds in all of Arabasta. They manage to take the people waiting for them with surprise.

Riding On Ducks

There they go! Running like the wind. Eventually the ducks are stopped though, and Chopper & Usopp face Number 4 and his partner, a mole-like woman.

The Real Vivi

Sanji meets Bon Clay (Number 2), who tries to fool him, but they can't be fooled. The plan they had earlier (the anti-fooling system) consisted of not just a bandage, but a mark under the bandage, a double mark. Number 2 has been outbrained easily!

Woman Of Spikes, Man Of Steel

The war is really churning thanks to Crocodile's devious plan, will Vivi make it in time to stop the bloodshed? Rebel troops storm the town, it's the start of a bloodbath. Meanwhile, Nami & Zoro run into Number 1 and his companion, it's going to be a tough fight!


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