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One Piece 113

Seems like I got a bit ahead of myself in the last episode, so let me re-formulate.

It wasn't Sanji who outsmarted Bon Clay, it was Vivi. She then tried to escape the grim fate that awaits in his presence when her duck (and good friend) gets struck by a bullet. Now Sanji appears, and it's time for the right fight!

Carue's Determination

Carue keeps going even with her injuries.

Carue Climbing The Arabasta Plateu

Carue climbs the Arabasta Plateu! She knows what is at stake.

Miss Doppfelfinger & Nr 1

Chopper & Usopp fight off baseballs heavy as cannonballs, shot by an explosive dog lasso that ate the gun gun fruit... no, wait, other way around. It's a new technique from the grand line, feeding fruits to objects. Mrs. Merry Christmas ate the mole fruit, and she digs holes they jump up through.

Dangerous Baseball

It's a dangerous baseball game! Time for a blast.

The Molewoman



Sail on!


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