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One Piece 114

Time for Usopp & Choppers great battle.

Holes In The Ground

The Mole-woman is digging around ferociously. The big guy is shooting baseballs with his insanely heavy bat, when...

5 Ton Hammer

Usopp bashes him in the head with a 5 Ton hammer! Surprise!



Victory? Nope.

The 5T Hammer Explained

Might have been if it really was a 5 ton hammer...

Caught In A Ballstorm

Things are looking ugly, baseballs are everywhere.

Bombs & Baseball

And in them there are bombs.

Shock Through The Wall

The situation is getting desperate. Usopp is being battered bloody.

Light Shining Through The Ground

Until he jumps into the tunnels and puts some explosives in them. Big kaboom. Is the battle over? Sail on!


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