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One Piece 115

The fight in Arabasta rages on!

Usopp Is Pissed

Usopp is getting pissed. The foes are mocking not only him, but everything he stands for, and we know that even though Usopp is a weakass weak... ass, when he finds the determination, he just can't be killed.

Usopp Is Dead?


Assholes & A Bang

An interesting angle on the Bazooka dog and the blast of a falling Usopp. Is it over? How will the remaining 300 episodes left before I finally catch up to the airing series with my episode reviews be with no Usopp in them?

They Laugh

Usopp Is Alive!

No, Usopp isn't dead.

Usopp's Determination

And he won't let the foes ridicule his ambition.

Chopper Thrashes

Chopper joins in the fight, and together they blast the foes to smithereens with their own weapons. Betya would have wanted to see that, wouldn't you? Well, watch the episode!

Alive & Kickin'

Meanwhile, Sanji & Bon Clay are at it.

Ready To Fight

Seems like Bon Clay is getting serious!

Bon Clay Pose

Here's his serious pose.

The Final Stand

And at the castle, Vivi and the soldiers are waiting by the gates while the war rages on outside. Sail on to the next episode!


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