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One Piece 116

Sanji & Bon Clay's fight rages on!

Sanji KICK!



Bon Clay Version Nami

Oh, well that explains it. Remember Bon Clay's special ability to switch faces? It seems he's found Sanji's weak point.

Bon Clay Version Nami Screenshot Version Two

So Damn Cute!!??

Bon Clay Nami Getting Hot

Bon Clay Nami Getting Serious

Sanji Getting Sliced

Chopper Mourns

Meanwhile, the foe is defeated. Usopp is down too. Chopper is mourning.

Chopper Punched

Chopper's Lunch

Everybody OK. :)

Zoro VS Mr 1

Zoro's getting serious too.

Looking Seriously Serious

Along with Mr 1.

Kicking Symphony

Back in the Sanji and Bon Clay battle it seems Bon Clay has started fighting fair. Flying kicks everywhere.


Bon Clay


Good Fight

Bon Clay is down, Sanji wins. Bon Clay is expecting to be dealt the final blow but Sanji just shakes his hand and tells him it was a good fight, and then moves on to the warzone.

Bon Clay Is Touched


At the castle, Crocodile has arrived.


Vivi asks where Luffy is.

Crocodile + Shadow

Crocodile tells her he is dead.


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