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One Piece 117

More fighting! One of the funniest fights of the Arabasta saga too. Nami VS Miss Dopfelfinger (did I spell that right?). The episode starts with a flashback of Nami asking Usopp for a new weapon. Usopp making a weapon. And then...

Nami In Hiding

Nami is hiding.

The Clima Tact Revealed

Trying to figure out her new weapon.


Miss Dopfelfinger

Her foe appears! Miss Dopfelfinger, who ate the spiky spiky fruit.

Femme Fatales


Doves WTH

Are you... Alright?


Flowers WTF

Poor Dove Having A Bad Day

Things aren't looking bright! What's up with Nami's new weapon anyway? Can it really do any damage?

Crocodile & Nico Robin

Meanwhile, at the castle...

Wine Wine Red Wine

And then back to Nami, busy dodging attacks.

Nami Down

Nami Down Still

Spiky Fingers

Out With A Boom



Nami's Resolve

Nami skims through the weapon manual again and realizes she's on the party trick page. Time to move on to combat mode!

The King Of Arabasta

The King is having a hard time too. Sail on!


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