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I don't know why I feel like saying town square. Maybe it's because cities don't have the same squares towns do, but Arabasta is certainly not a town. Especially considering the one million or so people in it fighting for freedom, both sides for the best of the country. Kinda like things are in the world nowadays. So here's a picture of the city square.

The City Square

Luffy Soars & Roars & More!

On top of the castle Vivi is taking a final stand, refusing to give up. So Crocodile throws her off the palisade. Fortunately Luffy just happens to be passing by and picks her up, soaring atop his companion, the royal guard Pell.

The Battle That Could Not Be Stopped

Down in the square the battle has started again. Even when shot, lying on the ground, Kazuo tried to stop the war, but a sand swept in and drowned his final words. The rebels regained their fury, and the battle once again rages.


Luffy is back to put an end to this!

Strawhats Reunited!

Strawhats Reunited! 2D

The Clock Is Ticking, 12 Minutes Left!

Down on the square Vivi and the Strawhats are all back together, and about to go search for the bomb. Oh, I don't think it's been revealed that the bomb is in the clock tower yet, but at least you all know. ;) The clock is ticking. Sail on!


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