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One Piece 125

The bomb in the clock tower has been revealed. All the Strawhats have to do is get up to it and shut it down before the blast off. Piece of cake, right?

Crocodile Sneers

Mrs Whatever Her Name Is Looking Evil

Mr 7 Looking Evil

Shot Down Snipers

With a little help from Zoro, Sanji, Chopper & Usopp, Vivi flies up to the top floor and slashes down the foes there waiting. Now to defuse the bomb...

Strawhats Looking Up


Picture says more than a thousand words.

Pell Arrives

Pell, recently shot down by the snipers in the tower, is back. After a short speech and a flashback into Vivi's youth, he flies away with the bomb. No further captions neccesary.

Pell Leaves

Pell's Sacrifice


Big Explosion






Let There Be Light

Is it the end? Next episode...


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