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One Piece 126

The blast knocks everybody down to the ground, yet they get up again, and keep fighting. Vivi is yelling at them to please stop fighting, and the Strawhats do what they can to beat down the resistance (without killing anybody).

The Fight Still Rages On

Helpless Marines

They Won't Give Up


At The Start Of An Era

Down in the underworld, Luffy is poisoned, supposedly not able to move, the life slowly being drained out of him. Crocodile is babbling on about the new era when he stands up yet again.


Luffy Up

Luffy Angry

Luffy Still Alive

You can't... defeat me! I'm the man who will become the pirate king!

Luffy Friggin Pissed

Luffy Kicks

Luffy Bashes

Luffy Blasts

Crocodile Turns To Sand

Sand Turns To Blades

Fist VS Blade

Against The Blade

Through The Blade

Gattling Storm

Through The Bedrock

Into The Sky


The King Watches

Crocodlle Is Done For

A Swirling Pillar Of Sand In The Battle



The Strawhats

Crocodile is done for. Getting blasted through a thick floor of bedrock will do that to just about anybody. Well maybe not Luffy, if he puts his mind to it...


With Crocodile gone... or because of that big blast in the sky... the rain starts falling down. Finally. People drop their weapons and dance. :)


Pushing Away The Sand


The end? Almost, sail on to the next episode!


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