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One Piece All Over Again

The more I watch One Piece, and the more other anime I watch, the clearer it is. One Piece is in a completely different dimension, it's the island in the ocean of other anime, it's the mountain that spirals way higher than all of the surrounding peaks - it's really really special.

I recently started watching through the old episodes. From the very beginning. I wasn't planning on watching through the episodes in such a haste, but what can I say, I became addicted, just like the first time I watched them. I found myself watching through at least twenty in a day, going through a whole arc (episode episode, plotwise) in a day, with not much time to write reviews.

So the question was, should I go back now and write detailed summaries for all the episodes I miss? Nah, don't think so, instead I took a few screenshots for each one and posted a very very brief summary, that's all you get people, sorry, I promise I'll pick up the pace in textual informing once we hit 100! Better than reading the reviews though, watch the series, it's great!! I watch the series on an episode to episode basis, but I never caught up on watching through the old episodes. I made it to a point, and then I thought, oh hell I'll just wait this out. So I have. Until I have time on my hands.



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